Their They're There by Olly Blower | Short Film | Random Acts
Live action and animation collide in this playful yet painfully honest short film about the familiar frustrations of exams. A collaboration with Resource Productions who managed the filming. I storyboarded and produced the hand drawn segments for animation, interpreting the voice over for the poem by Olly Blower. The challenge was replicating a visual style of someone young. It was a challenge at first, because the initial sketches would end up too young. I had to do some research into the environment and the mediums were especailly inportant to the animation style.
This short was also selected for the Cardiff Animation Festival +7 Family category in 2020
 A collaboration project made during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown from Boobot productions, brining together 31 animators under the simple premise of how the lockdown made you feel. During our lockdown animation challenge, our creatives were tasked with creating their own 3 second animation that follows from the final frame of the previous creatives animation. I decided to be funny and free to show that lockdown hasn't crushed my spirit, so animating a yodelling viking on a hilltop was the way to go.
This summer, I took part in the Goeblins Online summer school 'from storyboard to animatic'. For two weeks, we aimed to create a one to two minute animatic. I chose Lassie.
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